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Once your account is activated log in to your account and on left hand side you will see a speed dial button .click on speed dial now you will need to select the number which you want to assign speed dial and in the destination column enter your destination number which you wish use speed have done .Dial the access number when it prompt you to enter destination number just enter 1 or 2 or 5 which you have selected followed by #key.

We can provide you with

Auto refill facility so that

You will never run out of

Credit.You can set up the the minimum amount once your account reach that limit system will send you a mail and will automatically refill your account.

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Just Click buy online and click sign up on next page fill the form completely and click submit (signup)

Your account number

Login(username) and password will be emailed to you .Once the verification is completed your account will be activated .There after you can login into your account and top up yourself.

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Access numbers

CONTACT US 02030269102

Rates to Pakistan changed to 2.7p

K  Talk is the largest service provider of international calls

K Talk Provides High quality calls to

Anywhere in the world.0.005 P Calls to

India is the face value of K Talk.

Free calls between our customers.

Easy mobile access and land line

Access numbers.Pin less calling. Online

Self recharge options. Direct dial  facility

Is also available if you have device .Or you can use any

Soft phone just configure your account and start talking